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Fridge Broke is the title of my new single. The story behind Fridge Broke is based on an experience I had at the studio I work at in Santa Monica. One night, my producer Hero DeLano and I were writing a song while the A/C was broken in the studio. The studio, being in LA, got crazy hot throughout the night. Before we realized this was happening, Hero and I had decided to take some shrooms to see what would happen if we wrote a song. It kicked in while we were in the studio starting the beat for it. I started talking about that feeling of cohesion you have when you’re tripping, like a sense of clearer conscious that makes everything make sense all of a sudden. A weird feeling that goes away pretty quickly afterwards, and something you won’t be able to describe or feel again after the trip’s over. At one point we just started writing about people chasing that strange feeling they didn’t know they were looking for, and someone’s experience throughout an entire trip, while also referring to ourselves hallucinating with our A/C being broken. The result is Fridge Broke, a trip and a party anthem that’s grown to be my personal favorite. It sounds like, refrigerator music? I hope you like it!

— Beekwilder



Born and raised in the Netherlands, Sam Beekwilder never saw being a musician coming. He remembers singing along with Freddie Mercury as a kid and busting out his wide vocal range as a party trick. Sam moved to California when he was 18, and was only making hip-hop beats on his laptop and would freestyle with his friends. When he was 19 he met some producers at a studio in Santa Monica who believed Beekwilder had talent, and the opportunity to work in a real studio convinced Sam to drop out of school and focus on writing, producing and performing music full-time.

Now that he takes music more seriously, he’s found a true love for the art of telling stories of love, loss, and discovery, all from his own experiences. As his style develops, his aesthetic refines itself, currently in the form of powerful vocal hooks and lyrically brilliant melodic rap. He taught himself the piano in a couple of months and writes most songs from the piano, although his love for hip-hop makes him prone to switch between songwriting and freestyling. Beekwilder released his first mixtape in March 2018 and released one of his songs called Lava Lamps with Lava/Republic artist Maty Noyes in July 2018, where Beekwilder is the featured artist. Lava Lamps garnered well over 1 million streams since, in less than 6 months.

Beekwilder, now 21, is living in Los Angeles and is focusing on his next project, ‘HomeBound’, which Fridge Broke is the first single of.